Hosted by the Indigenous Leadership Initiative (ILI)
May 23-24, 2018

ILI continues its efforts to build a strong and representative Indigenous Guardians Network to sustain the work of creating hundreds of nation-building Guardians programs across the country to monitor, protect and ensure Indigenous decision-making on Indigenous lands and waters. Guardians’ voices must be heard.

In this regard, we brought together a small group of experienced Guardians for a workshop on May 23-24.

We will be posting the workshop report here, in addition to regular updates as they become available. Stay tuned!

Documents related to the workshop can be found at the bottom of this page, while full length videos of the sessions can be found here.

Videos of individual sessions and speakers

A special message to the National Indigenous Guardians Network from Dave Courchene, Spiritual Advisor to the Indigenous Leadership Initiative:

All videos can be found here – scroll down for individual segments from the workshop

First Day (May 23):

Opening Session:

Plenary: The Journey So Far


Plenary:  Discussion of the National Indigenous Guardians Network

Options for Governance and Institutional Framework (facilitated by Valérie Courtois &
Pamela Perreault):

Plenary: Discussion of Benefits of Networks and Regional Approaches

Second Day (May 24)

Recap of Previous Day (Valérie Courtois & Dave Porter):

Plenary: Working Together for Better Guardians

Plenary: Achieving Legitimacy and Follow-up

Concluding Remarks:

Workshop Documents