Group seeks $500M from federal Liberals to fund 1,600 ‘Guardians’ to patrol, assert aboriginal sovereignty

OTTAWA — The Trudeau government is being pushed to invest $500 million over five years on a 1,600-member national “Guardians” team to patrol, and assert aboriginal sovereignty in, the vast traditional territory of Canada’s First Nations.

Modelled in part after a land stewardship initiative by B.C.’s Haida Nation on the north coast, the initiative would help boost economies and build leadership in remote communities, members of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative said at a news conference here Monday.

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RELEASE: Indigenous Guardians Network Seeks About $500 Million Investment Over Five Years

The Indigenous Leadership Initiative (ILI) is asking the Federal Government to help Indigenous Nations and communities address major challenges by committing roughly $500-million over five years in a partnership to create a national network of Guardian programmes....

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Communiqué de presse : Proposition pour le Réseau national des gardiens de territoire autochtones demande un investissement d’environ 500 M$ du gouvernement fédéral sur cinq ans

3 OCTOBRE 2016 L’Initiative de leadership autochtone (ILA) demande au gouvernement fédéral de venir en aide aux nations et communautés autochtones, appelées à relever d’importants défis, en s’engageant à hauteur d’environ 500 millions de dollars sur cinq ans dans le cadre d’un partenariat visant à créer un réseau national de programmes…...

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Environmental management in the hands of indigenous people

This national program worked in Australia. Could the same go for Canada? We hear the case for it.

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Australia’s Indigenous ‘guardians’ program finding favour in Ottawa

National program would allow Indigenous communities to monitor land and maintain culture

An experiment that has won favour in Australia is gathering steam in Ottawa as the federal government scrambles to live up to its promise to help Aboriginal Peoples.

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Indigenous peoples key to balancing environment with resource development

The World is watching to see how Canada proceeds—as evidenced by successive United Nations and Amnesty International reports on the poor treatment of our peoples. Our indigenous peoples are an untapped and neglected on-the-land asset—and it is time we changed that.

If Canada is to succeed in addressing climate change and becoming a global leader in environmental protection and management it needs to engage experts who know the land best, yet have been mostly ignored: indigenous peoples.

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The Guardian Project

Boots on the ground and boots in the boardroom: Northern First Nations lead the way in the creation of a national Indigenous Guardians program

Across the country, Indigenous governments are all calling for the same thing, says Valerie Courtois: the capacity to manage their own traditional territories using their own laws and values.

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NWT bush university trains ‘Indigenous Boreal Guardians’

First Nations students from across the North are training to become leaders in land protection and management as part of a new pilot program in the NWT.

The Indigenous Boreal Guardians training program launched last week at the Dechenla Lodge in the Mackenzie Mountains near the Yukon-NWT border and will finish next March at the Dechinta Bush University Centre for Research and Learning.

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First Nations in Canada touted as land-management leaders

Amid the court challenges, war of words, sit-ins and street protests that have marked First Nations relations with Canada’s resource sector, it might surprise some Canadians that aboriginal land management in this country is being held up as a model to the world.

Members of three remote native communities are in Sydney, Australia, this week, where the World Parks Congress is holding its sixth international summit.

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